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Throwback Wednesday 🎶 Xmas 2014

Video of Xmas A Year Ago & Our Business Location


Merry Holidays to You! We had some fun with the video link highlighted at the top. We are a small business, indeed. Doing our best to keep things active for our small floral home business for weddings, four years now. In business for six.

See the video link highlighted at the top for how we got organized in 2014, by moving from a one bedroom to a two bedroom apartment. Eleven weddings in 4 years, is just enough for myself being the only employee.

The Xmas part of the video has a small tree, in honour of our small business. 🎶 🎵 💝

Doug and I wish you the best Christmas, big or small. Our families and friends are all different sizes, and all great in our eyes.

Merry Holidays and Best Regards,

Ellen and Doug   His and Hers for You


About Us, Fun, Off to a fresh start!

Let’s have some boring fun. 😜

Bright and colorful environment survey here!

Hi, you ever notice that things have an interesting twist. All things tend to drag out in its existence and we all need a daily jolt of fun. Here, my husband and I introduce……..some boring fun with a flair of colour and the twist of responsibility….I know, I know……who wants responsibility! Deep down, we all do. It’s at our inner core. I commend you all for diligently and faithfully pursuing your personal accomplishments on a daily basis. 😀  Things get tough, no matter what you are doing and I want you to know, to take pride in all you do. Daily satisfaction!

The link above puts boring to the test! ⏱ Here’s to the test of time!

Best Regards,

Ellen and Doug


About Us

From Early 1900’s – A Timepiece


This project was one I most enjoyed. My Father had given me a couch cushion of my Grandmothers. I remember it well, when it was placed on her living room chesterfield, every time I visited Grama. Grama would be in her 113th year this year. She was 82 years old when she passed away. Memories of the miniature tea set that all of the grandchildren played with, and Grama making my first cup of tea when I had stitches in my lip when falling that day, are still fond memories. The tea was so good, real or imagined, big or small, all with her love and gentle blessings and care.

The pillow sham pictured here, was sewn by myself with her cushion fabric, so carefully cleaned, placed and sewn, into the middle of fabric I purchased recently, to refurbish and revatilize my Grama’s heirloom. The cushion from the Early 1900’s was pretty tattered in The Year 2010, and couldn’t just be put in a closet for safe keeping. I hope my Grandmother is proud of the sewing project that stemmed from her craftiness with knitting and hand sewing. My Aunt, her daughter, is a fantastic seamstress today.

God Bless Our Grandmothers, eh?!

Above is also a pic of our whole bedroom ensemble.

Ellen Towne    His and Hers for You