About His and Hers for You – Family

I invite you to post some #SmileSharing grins for all!

Hi 🙂 Our names are Doug and Ellen Towne. The name of our Fresh Cut Flower business is called His and Hers for You – Family Ran and Warmly Operated. Joint projects with my Husband and daughters and myself, keep us in tow :)! To make this short ;), We Design Wedding and Occasion fresh cut flowers, as well as consulting for Do It Yourself – DIY Wedding fresh cut flowers. A Bride sometimes chooses to design some of the Wedding Flowers on her own or with the help of family and friends. His and Hers for You, can provide supplies such as bouquet holders, ribbon, vases and/or fresh cut flowers at discounted prices. The Bride may also have purchased, or ordered, her own flowers and have His and Hers for You design the bouquets and arrangements. But rest assured, our floral wholesaler ships us Fresh Cut Flowers. Thus, We Design Wedding Flowers that we receive from our Floral Wholesaler, as well. Have a look at our website www.hisandhersforyou.ca   for More About Us and pages of  Wedding Ideas and Other Occasion Ideas.  On a family note, my daughter is being induced on Oct. 2nd – Our third grandson! Yay!

All the best to you, today and always.  #SmileSharing

Kindest Regards,

Ellen and Doug Towne and Growing Family!

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