Adorable plush animals for LHSC

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Some more news! We currently have reached 1/3 of our goal with the efforts of some great people! Adorable, plush, colourful animals are being delivered to the Children’s Cancer Ward at London Health Sciences Centre in London, Ontario on Valentine’s Day 2015. Pink Poodles in Purses, Baby Duck Hats, Gorillas and Walruses – 24 in all we have purchased from donations we have received! Thank you so much, to all who have donated to our campaign!! Lets’s keep going!! There are 65 beds on the Children’s Ward. Please see the attached website for #GiveFive #HighFive. Also see attached video for a look see of the animals we have purchased so far! Thanks so much everyone 🙂

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Ellen Towne
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Video of one of my heroes :)

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The video shown here is just one of a few in my collection.
My Dad and I were in the Springfield, Ontario Santa Claus parade 2014 with his model Harvard aircraft towed behind our car. The aircraft is owned by Tillsonburg Aircraft Association. Another video of the parade and pics will be available to view on My Blog for the next two weeks.
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